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Before shooting the short-film, I was looking for a song suitable to emotionally express my story. My idea was to create something different from a “traditional” video clip in which the musicians “shake their heads”. In the plot, in the game, in the story, the “Therion” are characters, not the real band. Yet the movie is full of their music and, in the story, the incredible Prof. Johnsson is a supernatural composer, as in real life; in the story, reality perfectly fits with the topic “011”.
It was necessary to start with an extraordinary song, and the best for the occasion was, in my opinion, “Adulruna Rediviva”. I love this song and it perfectly expresses the sensations that I wanted to pass on in the plot. I was thinking about this song also because we wrote a great part of the screenplay listening to Gothic Kabbalah on and on! I listened to the song with my eyes closed and I noticed how immediately the images flew in my mind and, in every solo or break of the music, the characters moved and changed positions in a very natural way.
As I said before, for the writing of the original story I unrelentingly listened to Gothic Kabbalah, Live Gothic and Sithra Ahra and, consequently, characters' profile has been influenced by the music. I didn't personally know Therion very well; I had just had a little talk with Christofer and the band before their concert in Milan. It wasn't easy for me to create a story with them as protagonists, showing their way of life. But I believe that the characters of the plot perfectly fit to their personality and in fact, the guys easily empathize themselves in the play.
I proposed Chris the idea of using Adulruna Rediviva in the short-film and, after a little consult with the rest of the band, he and the others enthusiastically accepted my suggestion. Who didn't agree with my idea was Massimiliano Mattioni, the director; he was worried about the timing. He was furious but I was so convinced of my idea that he finally lived with it. And he was also intrigued by the challenge.
At that point, the issue was to make characters and their role clear and, above all, to disclose the story without telling the end of the original version. So, I decided to tell the story as it was a board game match in which every time “the Chosen One” is different, Fenrir is different, the place in which the organ is hidden is different… and the winner is different. My aim was to create something to talk about as soon as the video ends, something opened to different endings. In the video clip many crossroads are necessarily solved, but in the short film I have tried to leave the door open.

Basically, the short movie is just one of the possible endings... even if, not the book's one!