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It’s year “011” of the 19th century. Third year of a the mysterious and very long winter that has hit the continent is actually the Fimbulvetr of the Norse mythology, the prelude to the end. What is the connection between this and the Icelandic poet and historian Snorri Sturluson (1179 – 1241), author of the well-known “Edda”, who prose work of the Nordic traditions and myths?


Ragnarök is coming? Who can  prevent the awakening of Fenrir, Loki’s son, a wolf trapped in a human body and enchanted to the depths of the earth. If Fenrir fully awakes, the Ragnarök will start and the word as we know it will come to the end. However, the Cosmo’s harmony could change the destiny of the characters of this story: a mystical music must be composed and to played with the “organ of creation”, a very big organ located somewhere in Turin. But where, exactly? Moreover, just “the elected one” will be able to play this instrument. The magic city par excellence witnesses a race against the clock, in which eight characters cross their destinies to solve the world’s one.


The phantasmagoric doktor Vikström, the man who can slow down time; the mysterious Captain Snowy, owner of the torn page; Princess Lilja, the Tarot Lady; the witty inventor Påhlsson, who invented a heating system that winds its way through the underground of the city; detective Count Koleberg, who’s carrying out an investigation into mysterious murders committed by a wild beast; the charming dark Lady Lewis, player of wonderful symphonies from time immemorial; Professor Johnsson, the incredible composer of magical monodies, and, at last, the unpredictable Mister Vidal, a wolfman hunter, maybe a werewolf himself. Eight lives together for the destiny of the word.


But there’s much more to discover. Fenrir himself is looking for the “chosen one” in order to stop him and to open the doors of the Gimlé to those who consider the Ragnarök a new start. The battle for the truth has begun; the ancient fight between good and evil is about to start. But how to tell which is one and which is the other?