Storyboards & Productions

Production_and_storyboard In 2012 Scribabs produced the short movie “011 – An adventure with Therion” based on the song “Adulruna Rediviva” from the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. It was an extraordinary experience in collaboration with Silos Production, Trigomiro creativo and Scuole tecniche San Carlo. Scribabs wrote the plot, made the storyboard and coordinated all production phases of this huge project involving over 40 technical professionals. “011 – An adventure with Therion” was the beginning of a journey on which today we move our feet with big enthusiasm, contributing to the development of our stakeholders’ ideas and putting our expertise at their service. Scribabs is always searching for the best solution for its customers, working with professional make up artists, set designers, illustrators for storyboard and top technicians in order to provide the highest of creativity.

Church of carmel
For the video “Church of Carmel” (Luciferian Light Orchestra) have been made special 3D models of Chess elements, after handcrafted and used in the video.


Adulruna Rediviva


Church of Carmel

Luciferian Light Orchestra

Dust I Am

The Experiment no.Q

Aztec Legend

Eternal Temple


The Experiment no.Q

Welcome to the garden

The Experiment no.Q

Backstage Part 1

Taken from the Short Movie – Adulruna Rediviva (Unguentum Sabbati – Therion)

Backstage Part 2

Taken from the Short Movie – Adulruna Rediviva (The Wondrous World of Punt – Therion)

Backstage Part 3

Taken from the Short Movie – Adulruna Rediviva (The rise of sodom and Gomorrah – Therion)

Backstage Part 4

Taken from the Short Movie – Adulruna Rediviva (Gothic Kabbalah – Therion)

Backstage Part 5

Taken from the Short Movie – Adulruna Rediviva (Grand Finale/postludium – Therion)

Excerpts Solo

The Experiment no.Q