Scribabs Boardgames and Artwork

Story: Scribabs began as a graphic design and board game publishing company. We produced our first board game in 2001, Le Saghe di Conquest. The game became an instant hit winning us the “Best of Show” in the most important Italian Fair about board games: Lucca Games. Scribabs, a small company in the world, has won four Special Prizes in LuccaGames to this date! Best of Show (2001), Best Family Game in 2006 (Histerycoach by Walter Obert), and two Best Editing project in 2010 with “Florenza” (Edited by Placentia Games with the Scribabs Artwork) and  with “011 – An Adventure with Therion” (by Marco Valtriani). In between we had two nominations for the best card game in 2006 (Star System by Walter Obert) and Caligula (Published by Post Scriptum with the Scribabs artwork).

Scribabs is not just about board game’s Artwork, we have broadened our horizons by working in all artistic projects who need to tell stories in just one shot: Music, Playbills and videos! Scribabs is constantly looking for innovative ideas in collaboration with professional illustrators an artists!

Small company, great creativity!

A place full of creativity and professional support for those who want to have success!