Games as Publisher

Since 1999 Scribabs has published board games under its own brand, receiving prestigious awards in LuccaGames (the most important board game fair in Italy) from the beginning. We prioritize the time we dedicate to the authors, creating prototypes with due diligence to be tested by a very large and heterogeneous team of players. We develop the game’s artwork always looking for the best style to exalt the author’s ideas. One of the most important things in a game is the rule book; we work with professional consultants to assure our customer a clear idea of the game.

Awards as a Publisher:

  • Best of Show at LuccaGames for The Sagas of ConQuest – 2001
  • Best Party Game and Family Game at LuccaGames for Hystericoach – 2006
  • Nomination Best Card-Game at LuccaGames for Star System – 2007
  • Best Editing Project at LuccaGames for “011” An adventure with Therion – 2011

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  • 011
  • aarghtekt
  • Band is even Better
  • daemonibus
  • Flashback Bullets
  • hystericoach
  • Saghe di conquest
  • Star System
  • Tempus Draconis