Scribabs grafica teatroThe theater is deep, passion, fiction and emotion. Sitting on a chair in front of a stage where actors express dreams and parallel realities is a thrill. For this reason the creative challenge of a playbill is exciting. Whoever watch a poster must be transported to the same chair, before the stage, and immediately get involved with the story. Whoever stops to read the playbill, must feel the heat of the spotlight and become the protagonist because in fact he is. The spectator is part of the theater’s magic. We go too, up on the stage with directors and actors and we breathe what we must ultimately tell. Scribabs rise to the challenge!

  • manifesti_0000_scrooge
  • manifesti_0001_jesus
  • manifesti_0002_hamelin
  • manifesti_0003_excalibur
  • manifesti_0004_canterville
  • manifesti_0005_krumm
  • manifesti_0006_best seller
  • manifesti_0007_diavolo